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Heating Controls

Smartphone Controls

You can be on a beach in the sun and still control your heating at home.  Heat Art provides some unique smartphone and tablet controls for your heating systems.  All come with user friendly programs that are straightforward to program and adjust.


Each and every App controlled programmer is designed to give you the flexibility of controlling your heating wherever you are.  So if you you are going to be late home from work or forget to turn your heating off, you can simply program your heating all from your desk, smartphone or tablet wherever in the world you are located.


Heat Art offers some excellent controllers that are sure to reduce your energy usage and save pounds in the long run.

Wireless Heating Controls

Working with nearly 30 years in the heating industry have given Heat Art a wealth of experience when it comes down to the best wireless controls on the market.   Heat Art has been installing wireless programmers ever since they first appeared on the market and today they are still one of the best selling form of heating control.


Accurate down to one tenth of a degree, a wireless digital programmer/thermostat offers endless benefits for consumers.  They can be sited, moved and repositioned with ease.  There is no need for wires and cables and most are simply a plug and go module into the boiler. This really is the future for heating control.

Energy Efficient Controls

Experience in the controls sector has allowed Heat Art to channel energies into understanding the market for energy efficient options.  If the thought of wireless or smartphone technology is not for you, then there exists a range of alternative options that will suit any requirement and still provide up to date energy efficient performances.


Call anytime to arrange for a heating technician to see how you can save money and help the environment through upgrading old inefficient systems.